The Linden Method

The Linden Method

Who is Charles Linden and what is The Linden Method ?

The Linden Method is the creation of Charles Linden through a determination to discover a new, beneficial approach to treating the issue with a simple and direct focus. He personally used the method to resolve his agoraphobia and his confidence that it can work on anything from phobias and panic disorders to OCD and depression is clear to see. His promises include the words ‘permanent’ and ‘elimination’ and draw the reader in with the notion of a simple and effective approach. The other striking hook is the emphasis on the treatable disorders not being illnesses, which leads to a sense of empathy and understanding.

While these ideas and the language may make the program sound too good to be true; further reading shows that there is a lot of weight behind his idea and plenty of success stories. Linden claims that by targeting his efforts on the Amygdala – the central organ responsible for these negative feelings – sufferers can essentially control the ‘switch’ in their brain and permanently shut off this instinctive reaction. As a result of method, Linden cites an impressive 96.7% success rate and 148,000 satisfied former sufferers.

So this is a both a legitimate and scientific method for treating anxiety and related disorders?

From the information available on the website it would certainly appear this way. Not only is the method combining an anatomical viewpoint with the same general focus as celebrated psychological methods, it is doing so as a result of extensive research and is being recommended by many professionals. In devising the Linden Method, Charles Linden took his own experiences with treatments and disorders and undertook research into the recovery of other former sufferers to perfect a method that is simplistic and direct. This means effective and efficient results leading to the success rate seen above. In addition to this, respected psychologists including those at Queens University Belfast are endorsing the method.

Is the Linden Method recommended for use?

From the endorsements and information provided, the scientific nature of the process, the experience of Linden himself and of course the current success rates, it is easy to see why so many people are attracted to this offer and it is well worth consideration for anybody in this situation. Linden’s patients range from those with panic attacks to those with OCD and depression and he has seen success with people as young as eight so there is a good chance the method could work for your personal situation. The best way to decide is to take a look for yourself at The Linden Method website and view the videos and messages, there is nothing to lose and you may find yourself closer to the answer you are searching for.

The Linden Method also offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Charles Linden talks about The Linden Method

If you would like to find out more you can call the Linden Method Support Specialists who offer a FREE, no obligation, advisory session. Click here for further information on the Linden Method