Panic Attacks

Managing Panic Attacks

Anyone who has ever suffered a panic attack is very well familiarized with the fear and anguish it can cause. While medication is one method used to help patients cope with this condition, there are other useful techniques that can help in managing panic attacks. Learning how to manage panic attacks is no easy task, but the effort and time you invest is well worth it in the end. These are some of the ways of managing panic attacks:

Breathing Techniques
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Treating Panic Attacks

If you suffer from panic attacks learning some different methods of treating panic attacks can make you more confident and improve your life. A panic attack is defined as a sudden feeling of overpowering anxiety and fear. When suffering from a panic attack you may notice that your heart begins to pound, you may start sweating, breathing may become difficult and you may feel dizzy and nauseous. Those that suffer extreme panic attacks sometimes feel as if they are about to die or that they have lost control of their mental abilities. If allowed to continue, panic attacks can cause panic disorder and many physical ailments. Possibly the worst outcome of not treating panic attacks is that you could lose your self-confidence and retreat from society and activities that you enjoy.
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Self Help for Panic Attacks

How can you help yourself if you suffer from panic attacks, is self help for panic attacks effective?

Panic attacks are of limited duration, but leave a big impact on those who suffer from them.  The damage is not limited to the short term either. Left untreated, people who suffer from panic attacks may get worse with time and may even develop a full blown panic disorder where they remain in fear of having the next panic attack, which in itself can be self fulfilling and actually cause the next panic attack to occur.

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How to Prevent Panic Attacks

Although panic attacks can be a terrifying experience, there are several ways of preventing these attacks from happening persistently. Sudden feelings of fear and anxiety can often lead to panic attacks. The adrenal glands inside your body often release adrenalin to prepare the body for an emergency situation. In situations where this process occurs frequently, panic attacks can occur. However, the question remains: how to prevent panic attacks?
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