Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

The Emotional Freedom Technique EFT ManualGary Craig has made the world of anxiety-stricken individuals a livelier place to live in when he founded the EFT or better known as the Emotional Freedom Technique a few years ago.

EFT is a helpful therapeutic aid and is primarily derived from the studies of Albert Einstein by combining the latter’s theory (about the body being a whole mass of energy) with acupuncture, a healing process that originated in China since ancient times.

The focal objective of EFT is to achieve equilibrium of energies that flow inside the body, by stimulating them through fingertip tapping.

It is commonly considered as an acupuncture of sorts because certain pressure points in the body are being directed by the tapping. While in acupuncture needles are pierced through the skin, in EFT tapping of fingers is employed.

According to experts, anxiety is caused by varying factors which include the feeling of uneasiness, issues on intimacy, failures in relationship, to name a few. Clinical studies show that anxiety is caused by a disorder in the natural configuration of body energy for which EFT is tasked to do. With Emotional Freedom Technique, balance in energy flow will be achieved as the individual go through the tapping process.

EFT is primarily done by using the fingers to tap definite pressure areas for the purpose of alleviating anxiety when it strikes. The tapping of the fingers is made in much the same way as you would tap your fingers on top of the table. To relieve anxiety, EFT is done by maintaining the focus on a particular phrase and then tapping the specific body points simultaneously.

It is widely believed that Emotional Freedom Technique operates to balance the body system and, in effect, reduces anxiety levels. By utilizing the facility of acupuncture, EFT has been gaining inroads in treating the deep roots of anxiety with the promise of permanent treatment.

The application of EFT initially involves the basic process of body tapping by focusing on the pressure points of the body.
The tapping will then result in the repositioning of disordered mass of body energy. If this proves a successful relief on the person’s feelings, then the initial process is an achievement. In the event that the initial tapping did not provide relief, then it is believed that a more profound factor that affects the emotion is present and for which the person may be unaware of. But generally, individuals with anxiety problems would always remember the experiences which caused them severe anxiety.

Often, these anxiety problems are demonstrated by physical discomfort on some specific points. By using Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy is directed to these body points by realigning and distributing them all over. Thankfully, each EFT session does not take that long. In as little as one minute, anxiety issues will be dealt with thoroughly. For people who have long been battling with anxiety attacks, EFT comes as a breakthrough.

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