How to Prevent Panic Attacks

Although panic attacks can be a terrifying experience, there are several ways of preventing these attacks from happening persistently. Sudden feelings of fear and anxiety can often lead to panic attacks. The adrenal glands inside your body often release adrenalin to prepare the body for an emergency situation. In situations where this process occurs frequently, panic attacks can occur. However, the question remains: how to prevent panic attacks?

However terrifying the experience of a panic attack may be, it is soothing to know that panic attacks can be prevented. If you keep a positive attitude and a determined state of mind, you can effectively free yourself from the worry of regular attacks and enjoy life to the fullest.


Exercise, in particular, is one of the best ways of preventing panic attacks from happening recurrently. Whether you perform calming exercises or vigorous exercises, exerting your body regularly is an ideal way of keeping your mind calm and stress-free. It is vital to develop an exercise program that includes all the exercises that you enjoy. This helps in keeping your body busy and keeps your mind distracted from the feelings of anxiety and fear.

Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is another promising way of preventing panic attacks. Increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, proteins and magnesium products. Fruits and vegetables will alkalize your body and, in turn, help calm your nerves to great effect. Magnesium deficiency and low blood sugar can also lead to panic attacks. It is, therefore, essential to consume food that is packed with magnesium and enhances the levels of sugar in your blood. Artificial sweeteners are not suited for people who suffer from regular periods of anxiety and stress.

Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine

Reducing alcohol intake is the first step you need to take to avoid these attacks from happening frequently. Caffeine is another product that increases the adrenalin production inside a body. By consuming less alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, you can ensure that your body does not suffer from panic attacks.

Quit Smoking

Panic attacks are also very common in smokers. Cigarettes contain nicotine in vast amounts which amplifies the chances of panic attacks. Smokers are frequently inhaling a mixture of tobacco, nicotine, carbon monoxide and other toxic materials that can easily increase the stress levels of their bodies. People looking to avoid panic attacks are strongly recommended to stop smoking immediately.

Use Distraction

Many people also find it useful to distract themselves from incoming attacks whenever they feel a surge of anxiety and fear. You can watch your favorite show or sit in the company of your loved ones if you feel panicked and uneasy. This prevents you from having constant panic attacks and can free you from this terrifying experience entirely with time.

Only people who have suffered from a panic attack can describe its terrifying and disturbing nature. If you want to rid yourself from these attacks, it is best to improve your diet and exercise regularly. Try to consume more magnesium and proteins and avoid the constant intake of alcoholic beverages.

These points give you some help on how to prevent panic attacks, for tips on managing panic attacks see managing panic attacks.

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