Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are an emotional state that is characterized by uneasiness, anxiety, fear/terror, uncertainty, apprehension, worry or dread. Often, physical symptoms accompany the sensation of panic that include insomnia, fear, sweating, shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate, jitters, heart palpitations, pain in your chest, a diminished libido, diarrhea and nausea.

The sensation of having a panic attack can be a greater health concern when these symptoms persist, and become excessive. Often times, emotional distress will often interfere with daily living and activities. The exact cause of panic attacks and anxiety are generally unknown. However they can be triggered by a traumatic event, or intense stress due to a divorce, accident, and death of another, or some unidentified root cause.

Many times substance withdrawal, hereditary factors and psychotic episodes can trigger panic attacks. Natural causes include the use of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, prescription medications and highly addictive substances including barbiturates and narcotics.

There are natural remedies for panic attacks that are proven to diminish or eliminate them altogether. Home remedies, and alternative treatments have been shown to reverse panic sensations allowing you to live a normal healthy life. These remedies include:

Natural Herbs

Natural herbs including St. John’s Wort, Kava Kava and Passion Flower, have been shown to be effective alternative remedies over taking prescription drugs to treat your panic episodes.

Vitamins and Minerals

Taking the daily recommended allowance for Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex and Calcium has been shown to improve nervous system functions. Additionally, the supplements support the production of helpful brain chemicals, and enhance the operation of neurotransmitters to assist in relaying messages between the cells of each nerve.Regular


Exercising on a regular basis, along with practicing relaxation techniques including yoga, tai chi, and meditation have all been shown to alleviate panic disorders and anxiety attacks. A quality exercise routine should include cardiovascular exercises as a way to burn off lactic acid and naturally produce mood enhancing hormones and endorphins. Regular exercise has been shown to provide an avenue in the body to burn oxygen more efficiently.


Taking the recommended daily dosage of SAMe dietary supplements has been shown to be an effective treatment to reduce, diminish or eliminate anxiety and panic attacks.

Dietary Changes

By eliminating alcohol and caffeine, and reducing the amount of sugar and sugary food products will help alleviate many of the symptoms caused by anxiety and panic attacks. Eliminating carbohydrates and any foods manufactured with chemicals and additives have been proven to lessen the sensation of panic. A gradual withdrawal of caffeine and alcohol will minimize any headaches or other withdrawal symptoms. Drinking chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm teas along with skullcap teas will allow you to relax without feeling the sensation of drowsiness.

Breathing Techniques

Take a deep breath and hold it for a count of four, then wait four counts and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the process until the panic attack diminishes.

Treating panic attacks and anxiety instead of just eliminating the symptoms is a better and more effective way to enhance your life in a positive way. Using natural remedies for panic attacks can often alleviate your anxiety immediately.